Meet the Bulls Podcast Hosts

Wyse Black, Bulls Podcast Co-Host

Marcus Couch

Marcus Couch is a Chicago area native and life-long Chicago Bulls fan.  He started out in sports journalism right out of school, on-air announcing high school and college wrestling, football and basketball games for the local cable provider. In 2005 Marcus helped to pioneer the technology of podcasting. In doing so, he quickly become most successful podcasters of all time, with his shows even rebroadcast over Sirius Satellite radio. He now gets to being his two passions together, podcasting and the Chicago Bulls.

Wyse Black, Bulls Podcast Co-Host

Wyse Black

Wyse Black was born and raised on the South-East side of Chicago, IL. He’s a long time Chicago Bulls fan who made his name from his YouTube channel “Wyse Black”. His channel has grown exponentially since he started to curate and report on Chicago Bulls news. With a fresh and raw style of delivery, Wyse never shies away from debates about NBA basketball, and especially the Chicago Bulls.