Bulls Podcast #22

Bulls Podcast #22 with Marcus Couch and Wyse Black. Lopez and Dunn have words, Portis doubles down on his contract bet on himself, WCJ is injured. The latest Trade Rumors and a look ahead to upcoming games this week. Come TANK with us!

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We’ve got a lot in store for you this episode. Including:

  • Robin Lopez and Kris Dunn have a verbal exchange at practice
  • Bobby Portis doubles down on his contract bet on himself
  • WCJ is injured with thumb and knee issues
  • Latest Trade Rumors surrounding the Bulls
  • Look ahead to upcoming games this week.

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Lopez vs Dunn in practice

It was reported that cent Bulls practice featured a brief altercation and shouting match between RoLo and Kris Dunn, with the two yelling at each other and Lopez being told to “cool off,” according to Teddy Greenstein at the Chicago Tribune. Lopez did not speak to media about the incident, but Dunn said they “just practiced hard.”

“We had a very, very competitive practice,” Jim Boylen said in an ESPN story by Malika Andrews. “I felt like we had some guys who are sick of not winning games.”

Boylen explained to reporters that there were no punches thrown and that everyone “treated each other with respect” when they came back. He also said that Lopez has been frustrated that he is seeing his minutes cut this season.

This is a very telling scenario, as RoLo is generally the most calm of the Bulls players. You can tell that things are getting to a boiling point with such a bad record combined with daily rumors that involve different trade scenarios.

Bobby Portis Doubles Down on the Bet on Himself

We’ve talked about how it may have been foolish for Portis not to take the offer the Bulls presented to him earlier in the year. How injuries this season may have cost him millions of dollars in the long term. However, Bobby seems to have no issues with it.

“Obviously I’ve had some injuries up to this point, but I still feel like everything is lined up. It’s about me just staying healthy now and me doing my thing. The wins and losses obviously come and go from game to game. You really can’t control that part all the time. We control our effort.

“But me, personally, I just need to stay healthy, be on the court, play as hard as I can when I can. With the minutes that coach Jim [Boylen] gives me, go out there and play with force. . . . I’m just focused on my team, turning this around, and going out there and having fun. Enjoy the ride the rest of the year.”

When talking about remaining a Bull, Bobby is pretty sure he wants to stay with Chicago.

“Obviously, I know that I really want to stay a Bull,” he said. “I can’t see myself in any other jersey. It would be weird to start the next season off in another uniform. I’ve been here for four seasons now — time flies fast — but I think I will be a Bull. . . . I’m the longest-tenured Bull and don’t want that to change.”

That he’s the longest-tenured Bull is shocking in itself.

“Yeah, that’s crazy,” he said with a laugh. “To be around this long . . . obviously ‘Bulls’ across my chest means a lot to me. I really take pride in that every time I step on the court. But at the same time, I feel like I’ve got a long way to go.”


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Wendell Carter Jr injured in the LA Lakers Game

This morning it was reported that Wendell Carter, Jr. had an MRI this morning. He hurt his left thumb last night and woke up with tenderness in his left knee this morning.” Coach Boylen said.

This is interesting, as WCJ has been our iron horse so far, playing in all 44 games this season without an injury forcing him to the sidelines.

Trade Rumors

There have been a lot of trade rumors going around the NBA involving Bulls Players. Most notable of them involves the Knicks trading Enis Kanter to the Bulls in exchange for Jabari Parker. I’ve also heard rumors about the Houston Rockets wanting Jabari, and even a rumore on the Utah Jazz having interest in Parker. Jabari said he would like to play for Utah, as he already has a home there. (A home in UTAH??)

There haven’t been too many trade rumors regarding Robin Lopez. It seems like RoLo is looking for a buyout so he can join the Golden State Warriors. When pressed about a buyout, Bulls management says there won’t be a buyout. This could be another reason Lopez is getting upset in practices. Personally I don’t know why RoLo would be so upset about making his full $14 Million salary for the year.

Upcoming Games and Predictions:

  • Thursday January 17th – Bulls @ Denver
  • Friday January 19th – Bulls @ Miami
  • Wednesday January 23 – Bulls vs Atlanta


Marcus: We’ll lose all 3 of those games. The only shot we have is against the Atlanta Hawks. This would make it 11 games in a row that we lose. All the better for the tank, but not necessarily fun for the fans.


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