Bulls Podcast #63

It’s the Bulls Podcast #63, and today we’re covering the Bulls hot and cold streaks, Bulls/Celtics Analysis, Crazy Trades, our current State of the Bulls and Predictions for the coming week.

Welcome to the Bulls Podcast, coming to you from BullsPodcast.com. This is where we bring you the latest news, reviews, rants, rumors and opinions on the players, coaches and front office of the Chicago Bulls.

A couple of quick News items

So first I want to talk about some news related to me and the show and some expansion. Starting Tomorrow, November 23rd and after every Bulls game this season, I will be hosting a post-game LIVE call in stream over at The Windy City Breeze. Joining me will be P.Kidd, a regular Breeze crew member, and Wyse, I hope that you can join me when your schedule allows it. 

I had originally wanted to do this on the Bulls Podcast stream, but there are a few reasons why doing it with The Windy City Breeze actually helps our channel more. 

Pat the Designer is a friend, and he just started back to his day gig. Leaving him hosting his own show, the Bulls live game call, and Locked on Bulls. So that’s why he asked me to step in and help

The infrastructure and 15K subs are already there on TWCB, so it’s the largest platform we have for the Bulls Podcast, even bigger than our social subs.

Pat’s live call generates hundreds of live viewers as a lead in to the post game. It’s always most active right at the end of games, so that’s a huge plus.

We can promote the Bulls Podcast and upcoming episodes. It will be great for channel growth.

The Bulls content creator community is strong. For the most part, we help each other whenever needed. It’s a tight knit group.


Let’s review our predictions for next few games for the coming week

Wednesday Nov 23rd

Bulls @ Bucks

Marcus: L


Friday Nov 25th

Bulls vs OKC Thunder in Chicago

Marcus: W

Wyse: W


Monday Nov 28th

Bulls vs Utah Jazz in Chicago (Lauri Revenge Game?)

Marcus: W

Wyse: W


Wednesday Nov 30th

Bulls vs Phoenix Suns in Chicago

Marcus: L

Wyse: L


Friday Dec 2

Bulls vs GS Warriors in Chicago

Marcus: W

Wyse: L


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Twitter: http://twitter.com/Radical_Creator

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/WyseBlack

Marcus Social Links

Twitter: http://twitter.com/marcuscouch

Instagram: http://instagram.com/marcuscouch

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