Bulls Podcast #27

It’s the Chicago Bulls Podcast #27 with Post Game of Bulls vs Grizzlies. Should We Ball Out or Tank? Buyer’s Remorse in DC over Portis and Parker? A preview of upcoming games this week.

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We’ve got a lot in store for you this episode. Including:

  • Post Game – Bulls vs Memphis Grizzlies
  • Are the Bulls for real or a fluke? Ball Out or Tank? Let’s Talk about it!
  • Buyers Remorse in DC? We’ll talk about some reactions to Portis and Parker
  • Preview of upcoming games

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Post Game – Bulls vs Memphis Grizzlies

The Bulls played a road game in Memphis tonight against the Grizzlies. The Bulls WON with the score of 109-107. Leading scorers for the Bulls were: Zach Lavine with 30 points, and Lauri Markannen with 22 Points and 10 rebounds, extending his Double Double streak. For the Grizzlies, Avery Bradley had 23, Mike Conley had 21, Justin Holiday with 13 and our guy Joakim Noah had 12 points, 9 rebounds and 2 blocks.


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Is Washington Getting Buyers Remorse for Portis and Parker?

There are obviously no take-backs, as we really like Otto Porter Jr for the Bulls, but it’s very interesting to see the reaction of Washington Wizards fans regarding how their end of the trade has turned out.

So far, here’s what they have done on the Wizards:


He’s played in 6 games, averaging 27.5 minutes per game. He is scoring 15.8 PPG, shooting .500, 7.5 Rebounds.


Also played in 6 games where he’s averaging 27.5 minutes per gam, scoring 10.8 per game (career low), shooting percentage of .473 with 3.5 assists and 6 rebounds per game.

These are pretty much the same stats they were putting up for the Bulls, with Bobby getting more minutes with DC than he did with the Bulls. Perhaps they just haven’t gelled with the fan base yet. Bobby seems like he’s still the bitter ex-girlfriend, citing the trade in just about every interview. He’s still very salty about it, and with good reason, but at some point you just need to play and keep your mouth shut.

Are the Bulls for real or a fluke? To tank or not to tank. That is the question…

The last week of Bulls Basketball has actually been very entertaining to watch. Balling out against Boston was really a great thing to watch, given that we got pummeled by 56 points at the hand of the Celtics earlier in the season, this was a great revenge game.

But there are obvious debates within the Bulls fanbase about how the Bulls are doing. Some want us to tank to get Zion or Ja Morant, some don’t care about the draft and want the Bulls to play hard, win games and attract some roster talent in free agency.

So what side of the line are we going to go to? We all want to see our players do well. We all want the Bulls to have a great team, but is this the year for that team to emerge?

Preview of upcoming games:

  • Friday March 1st – Bulls at Atlanta Hawks
  • Sunday March 3rd – Bulls vs Atlanta Hawks (in Chicago)
  • Tuesday March 5th – Bulls at Indiana Pacers
  • Wednesday March 6th – Bulls vs Philadelphia 76’ers (in Chicago)

Wyse Prediction: 2W 2L

Marcus Prediction: 1W 3L

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Remember Bulls Fans, our magic TANK-A-THON NUMBER is down to just 21 more losses, and we’re just 112 days away (June 20, 2019) from the NBA draft and only 76 Days away from the NBA Lottery!

Until next time, Thank you for listening everyone, Go Bulls!