Bulls Podcast #28

It’s the Bulls Podcast #28 and we’ve got Post Game vs the 76ers, A Tanking Motivational Guide for Fans, Who Should Remain a Bull Next Year? And a Preview of Upcoming Games!

Welcome to the Bulls Podcast, coming to you from BullsPodcast.com. This is where we bring you the latest news, reviews, rants, rumors and opinions on the players, coaches and front office of the Chicago Bulls.

We’ve got a lot in store for you this episode. Including:

  • Post Game – Bulls vs 76ers
  • The Tank is OFF? A motivational guide for Fans
  • Who should remain a Bull next year?
  • Preview of upcoming games

Come TANK with us! We’ll be right back after this quick time-out…

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Post Game – Bulls vs 76ers

The Bulls played a highlight reel filled game vs the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday Night, pulling off a victory with the score of 108-107.

The Bulls high flying leading scorer continued to come into focus with 39 points, including the game winning driving score with 1.6 seconds left for a 108-107 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. It was the Bulls sixth win in the last nine games that includes victories over hard charging Finals contenders Philadelphia and Boston.

Robin Lopez continued his scoring mastery with 19 points and nine rebounds and Otto Porter Jr. added 15 points and a team best matching nine rebounds. Former Bull Jimmy Butler led the 76ers with 22 points, including two free throws with 4.8 seconds left that appeared like it would save the 76ers from losing after leading by 10 points in the fourth quarter. But LaVine took a dribble handoff from Lopez, the 76ers blew the defensive switch and LaVine flew down the lane for the deciding layup, pumping his fist in exhilaration as he also was fouled. Though he missed the free throw. But in Butler’s two appearances in the United Center since his trade, LaVine has outplayed Butler down the stretch leading to a pair of Bulls victories.

In a strange occurrence, the Bulls actually had to replay the last .5 seconds TWICE. Lavine and Lopez had already done post game interviews and Otto Porter was actually “mid-stride” in submitting urine for a league drug test and couldn’t return to the floor.

All in all, this was a fantastic win to add to the season with several highlights that are destined to be on the season-long highlight reel.



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The Tank is OFF? A motivational guide for Fans

There seems to be a disconnect with fans when it comes to the lottery, tanking and getting wins for the team.

Every social post that talks about a win, there is always a slew of fans that question the win. Sometimes even berating the team for pulling off a win, suggesting that they should be tanking 100% of the time.

While tanking is the overall plan for fans in the sweepstakes for Zion Williamson or Ja Morant, it should never take the place of the feeling of an outstanding win.  

The point should be that we are going to win some games, but it needs to be the RIGHT games. Winning games against Boston, a 4OT game against Atlanta and our recent victory against the 76ers proves that the Bulls have a lot of heart. This is a crucial thing to get key free agents to play in Chicago. All the pieces seem to be there for the Bulls to be an outstanding playoff bound team next year.

It’s up to the fans to support the team, win or lose. Enjoy the games and hope for a great future ahead for the Bulls.


Who Deserves to Be A Bull Next Year?

Robin Lopez

Does he deserve to be on the Bulls Next Year? What would we offer or Pay Him?

Ryan Arcidiacono

Does he deserve to be on the Bulls Next Year? What would we offer or Pay Him?

Who’s on our wish list? Adidas is pushing HARD for Derrick Rose to be on the Bulls Roster next year, but we need a STARTING PG. Would Rose START with Dunn on the Bench? What would be the scenario that makes the most sense for the Bulls Point Guard situation?


Preview of upcoming games:

Friday March 8th – Bulls vs Pistons

Sunday March 10th – Bulls at Pistons

Tuesday March 12th – Bulls vs Lakers


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Remember Bulls Fans, our magic TANK-A-THON NUMBER is down to just 19 more losses, and we’re just 106 days away (June 20, 2019)  from the NBA draft and only 70 Days away from the NBA Lottery!

Until next time, Thank you for listening everyone, Go Bulls!