Bulls Podcast #33

We’ve got Bulls vs 76ers Post-Game, Our Off-Season Roster Wish List and a New Game to Play: Keep Him or Can Him? Our Player Picks!

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We’ve got a lot in store for you this episode. Including:

  • Bulls vs 76ers Post-Game
  • Off Season Roster Wish Lists
  • Keep Him or Can Him? Our Player Picks.

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Last Week’s Overall Predictions:

In the last 3 games:

Saturday April 6th – Bulls vs Philadelphia 76ers (Wyse – L, Marcus – L) Result: L

Tuesday April 9th – Bulls vs NY Knicks (Wyse – W, Marcus – L) Result: L

Wednesday April 10th – Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers (Wyse – L, Marcus – L) Result: L


Off Season Roster Review

Now that the season is over, what is the number one thing we need going forward?

Point Guard – We need an elite level point guard. Someone who can dish it out with a quickness and also be able to create his own shot. We need a better starter to replace Dunn. If we get #2, Ja Morant would be that guy and we could keep Dunn on the bench and sign Walt Lemon as the 2nd backup PG. If we don’t get Morant, can a lesser rookie start at PG? Shaq Harrison is on the books for next year as well, but it’s doubtful we keep him, as he didn’t have a very good year. Then throw in the Derrick Rose return rumors, and this thing gets much more complicated. The NBA draft lottery results will tell us everything as soon as our number comes in.

Center – Rolo may be leaving the team for greener pastures, leaving Felicio as a backup to WCJ next season. We need to solidify the Center role badly. We have a decent rookie in WCJ, but he can’t match up to Elite centers (yet). Just having Carter and Felicio at the 5 leaves a gigantic hole in our offense AND defense. Felicio does not play well with a single player on our roster. Statistically, he’s the worst player in all of the NBA in terms of on/off score. The Bulls are a -37 on/off score with Felicio in the game. That’s twice as bad as the next worse team. But what can we do with him??

Shooting Guard – We have too many shooting guards on the roster. None of the backups are of high quality. Most of those guys we have to end the season are waivers, trades for cash by other teams trying to avoid the luxury tax, or G-League guys. We’ll have LaVine, Denzel Valentine and Antonio Blakeney.

Small Forward – We love Otto Porter Jr, but will Hutch be able to evolve into a solid 3? Do we need another tenured vet to get wins over teaching moments for Hutch? Of course if we land Zion Williamson, we will have perhaps TOO MANY options. But that’s just a common dream among every lottery team in the league.

Power Forward – Who is going to backup Lauri now that Portis is gone? Technically, Felicio and Lauri are the only Power Forwards listed for the Bulls roster, but Felicio is probably only listed as a center because he sucks so bad and no one pays attention to what he does anyway. But this reinforces the point. We have no one behind Lauri to handle the 4 at all.

With all that being established and of all those things listed, what is going to be our biggest weakness that needs to get filled for next season?


Keep Him or Can Him?

Now that the Bulls Season is over, it’s time to put our GM caps on once again. We added a lot of new guys during the course of the season. It’s time to evaluate those “end of contract” guys and see if we vote to KEEP a player on the roster, or CAN the player, sending them packing.

Kris Dunn (PG) 1 year left on his contract

Marcus: CAN, Wyse: CAN

Shaq Harrison (SG) 1 year left on his contract

Marcus: CAN, Wyse: CAN

Antonio Blakeney (SG) 1 year left on his contract

Marcus: CAN, Wyse: CAN

Robin Lopez (C)

Marcus: KEEP, Wyse: KEEP

Ryan Arcidiacono (PG)

Marcus: KEEP, Wyse: KEEP

Walter Lemon Jr. (PG)

Marcus: KEEP, Wyse: KEEP

Brandon Sampson (SG)

Marcus: CAN, Wyse: CAN

Wayne Selden (SG)

Marcus: CAN, Wyse: CAN

Rawle Alkins (SG)

Marcus: CAN, Wyse: CAN

Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot (SF)

Marcus: CAN, Wyse: CAN

Jakarr Sampson (SF)

Marcus: CAN, Wyse: KEEP


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