Bulls Podcast #45

It’s the Bulls Podcast #45 hosted by Marcus Couch and Wyse Black. We’re covering Coby White Craziness, Are we contenders yet? The Bulls are still a horrible team. Bulls Player Injuries begin to mount, what will be the effect?  Plus our Predictions for the upcoming week.  

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We’ve got several topics for this episode. Including:

  • Coby White’s Record-Setting Crazy Night
  • Bulls Player Injuries begin to mount, what will be the effect?
  • Are we contenders yet? The Bulls are still a horrible team.
  • Game predictions for the coming week

In celebration of Bulls Podcast Episode #45, we celebrate the number #45 throughout Bulls History:

    • Scott Lloyd 1979, Ed Nealy 1989-1993
    • Michael Jordan 1995
    • Paul Shirley 2004, Luke Schenscher 2006, Rasual Butler 2011, 
    • Denzel Valentine 2017-2020 (In the League on Layaway)

Before I forget I also want to say hello to the newest listener to the Bulls Podcast, Kristin Ledlow who does reporting for TNT and is an outstanding student of the game. She just started up a new podcast with Candace Parker called Ledlow & Parker that you should definitely check out to get a really fun take on a lot of the inside NBA talk. They are both great and it’s a really fun show to listen to.


What an incredible night we all got to witness on Tuesday 11/12 when Coby White set and NBA Rookie and Chicago Bulls record by hitting 7 3’s in the 4th quarter to seal the win, and seal Coby’s legend in Chicago history. It was one of the most exciting individual performances we’ve seen in the last few years as Bulls fans. Something truly worth getting excited about.

With Coby’s College Coach, Roy Williams in attendance, Coby once again re-ignited his Sub-Zero attitude, shooting a cold-hearted 7 for 11 from three and ending the night with 27 points. 

One of the highlights was seeing Ryan Arcidiacono turn around to raise his hands in the air before the ball even made it halfway to the hoop. He knew it was going in the whole time. When asked about it, Arch said, “

 Jim Boylen on Coby White’s historic 4th Quarter: “We honored what he was doing – we kept feeding him, we kept getting him, kept finding him. And I thought that group did a hell of a job. Obviously, he was terrific, and we helped him be that way, which is what I think good teams do.”

After the game, Wendell Carter Jr was once again vocal about being a leader within the team. It appears as if WCJ is emerging as the true alpha of this team now..

Wendell Carter Jr. said, “We see exactly what we’re capable of doing. So now, that’s my expectation — nothing lower than that. Whenever that doesn’t happen, I’ve found my voice on this team where I can talk to each individual player in a manner where they will understand.”

WCJ also says he would like to find something to juice the #Bulls up every game if he can. That was part of his motivation in vowing that Bobby Portis wouldn’t go off on the Bulls again.

Injuries are taking their toll early in the season

The injuries seem to be mounting up. Zach turned an ankle and is probable for the Bucks game on Thursday. Otto Porter Jr is still out of action with his foot injury and listed as day-to-day, though is already ruled out of action in the Milwaukee game. Cristiano Felicio is suffering the worst injury of all with a broken right wrist. He is expected to miss 4-8 weeks of action. 

That’s 2 starters and one bench warmer out of action for the Bulls. Injuries rarely get better as the season goes on. Even though Zach played through his ankle injury, seemingly fine, you know that an ankle will swell up a LOT overnight and the next day following an injury. This may linger with Zack all year long, or it may just be a tape it up and forget it kind of injury. While we hope for the latter, anything is possible.

Then we also get the news from Jim Boylen that Lauri has had a nagging oblique injury for the last 2 weeks and playing through it. This explains his lack of drive and production. He’s hurt!

So are these injuries something we should be worried about or is it just part of the game? While none of them are season-ending by any stretch, they will hopefully not start a season-long trend for the Bulls. Time will tell as the season progresses.

We’re going to take a quick break. When we come back we’re going to talk about the state of the Bulls and our game predictions for the coming week.

State of the Bulls

We’re still horrible. The Coby White extravaganza is great, but did we really need a record-setting performance to kick New York’s ass in a game? Are we playing against the trash of the entire league, or is that just a bizarre alternate universe reflection of our own Bulls team in the back alley dumpster of the NBA standings?

Wyse, you’ve been very critical of the team and specifically the coaches on your YouTube channel. Let’s lay it all out there. What are the issues with the Bulls as we get into the heart of the season?

Last Week’s Game Predictions

Last week, Marcus and Wyse both correctly predicted we would go 1-1 They both called the Houston Loss and Knicks Win correctly.

So lets at least predict our next few games for the coming week

Thursday, Nov 14th, the Bulls jump on the big red bus and head north to Milwaukee to take on Yannis, Bledsoe, Middleton, Korver and the Lopez Brothers when the Bulls face the Bucks. Currently, the Bucks have the 2nd best record in the East at 6-2. Last week we put in our predictions for this one..


Wyse: L

Marcus: L

Saturday, November 16th – Brookly Nets with Kyrie and the newly signed Shumpert This will probably be Shumpert’s first game as a Net, so he’s bound to try and put on a show for his team when the Nets visit the UC.


Wyse: W

Marcus: W

Then Monday, Nov 18th, The Bulls welcome the Bucks to Chicago for a rubber-band game in the UC.


Wyse: L

Marcus: L

And finally, The Bulls will once again welcome back Derrick Rose to the UC when Detroit takes on the Bulls on Wednesday, November 20th.


Wyse: L

Marcus: L

We also have a game on Nov 22 vs Miami which will bring Jimmy back to the UC.. We’ll talk about that one next show. Portland, Memphis, Golden State, Toronto, Atlanta and Charlotte


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