Bulls Podcast #6

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And today is a pretty special show for us because we have TWO new friends of the show on.. We couldn’t be happier to welcome the hosts of one of our favorite Bulls Podcasts around.. It’s the Super Sexy, wonderful, attractive and free Podcast that THEY so Elequent-lay call BAWL! On Bulls..  It’s BIG DAVE AND CHRIS, AKA (C-DUB). WHATS UP!

We’ve got a lot in store for you this episode. Including:

  • New NBA rules are coming, like The new 14 second shot clock and how they call flagrant fouls. We’ll share that and our opinion on how it will change the game.
  • Zach Lavine on bleacher report article as one of the most overhyped players.
  • Gar’s Greatest: The game – A new segment to the show
  • Can Lauri Markannen’s game take another step next season with the addition of JP and a healthy Zach Lavine?
  • Bulls Roundtable – 1 thing that needs to improve from game 1
  • More trades to think about with the ESPN Trade Machine

New NBA Rule Changes Proposed

  • 14 Second clock following an offensive rebound (rather than 24 sec reset). This will supposedly speed up the game, but will it really?
  • Another rule change being considered is simplifying the clear-path foul, which currently lists five bullet points, including when the ball and an offensive player are positioned between the tip-off circle extended and the basket, when there is no defender between the ball and the basket and when the foul denied an offensive team a chance to score.
  • The hostile-act rule being considered is when one player “intentionally or recklessly harms or attempts to harm” another player by attempting to punch, kick, elbow or hit the opponent in the head. Officials determine if the offending player is assessed a Flagrant-1 or 2 foul that can lead to ejection from a game and/or suspension.


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Zach Lavine on bleacher report article as one of the most overhyped players. Seafood restaurants agree.


The Chicago Bulls are in a strange place. We’re entering the second year of the rebuild and that means expectations are all over the board. Some people expect them to be even worse this year and some people think they can make a run at the playoffs.


While team expectations remain scattered, the individual expectations are a bit more solid when it comes to the Bulls.


Wendell Carter Jr has instilled confidence in the fans, as has Lauri Markkanen. But what has us all scratching our heads is the expectations for Zach Lavine. Coming in this summer with a new 4 year 78 million dollar deal, the Bulls have thrown half their chip stack on red, and the wheel is still in mid-spin as far as the fans are concerned. Is he over-hyped coming into this season?


Bleacher report recently stated: “The real problem is that even if LaVine reaches his apex as an offensive weapon, there’s little reason to believe he’ll be a net-positive player. That’s because he’s one of the worst defenders in the NBA. According to Basketball Reference, he’s never posted a defensive box plus-minus in positive territory. He topped out at minus-2.0 in his abbreviated 2017-18 season. It’s hard to justify rotation minutes for a player like that, let alone $78 million.”


What are our clear expectations for Zach Lavine this year? Why are we all so nervous about it? Is it just because of the new 4 year deal, or is it something else?


Can Lauri Markannen’s game take another step next season with the addition of JP and a healthy Zach Lavine?


He also became the fourth rookie in Bulls history to score at least 1,000 points and have 500 rebounds in a season. Despite having a really good first season in the NBA, Markkanen isn’t satisfied. This summer Lauri Markkaken has been at the Advocate Center working out. This kid is workaholic.


Lauri is pretty serious about becoming a better Chicago Bull. He’s waived participation in the World Cup qualifier for Finland in the fall because he’s focused on training and preparing for his second season in the NBA.


How will his work ethic translate and carry over to other Chicago Bulls players? Can he work with Jabari Parker and a healthy and full-season of Zach Lavine? What is Lauri’s ceiling this year?


Gar/Pax: The Game

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bulls fans, Bulls Haters and anyone in between.. It’s time for the game that we all love, the game that proves that two heads are almost never better than one. It’s our new BullsPodcat.com exclusive… It’s Gar/Pax, The GAME!


This is the game where we read out pre-selected, yet super top secret quotes from our favorite two-headed hydra, collectively known as the sexyist pair in sports entertainment since Brangelina, Chicago Bulls front office John Paxson and Gar Forman.


Our contestants will guess what NBA Player Gar/Pax are talking about to earn a point. The player with the most points at the end of this three quote event will qualify for our annual, Paxtastic GAR-OFF tournament of champions to be held later in the season.


First, an introduction to our contestants:


He’s half of the double masted, twin-turbo, two alphas known as BAWL! On Bulls over at BawlSports.com, it’s Chris, AKA C-Dub.


He’s the dashing young YouTuber tearing up the airwaves with his keen observations and Chicago charisma – It’s Bulls Podcast co-host, Wyse Black


And rounding out contestant row for this incredible match of wits and wisdom, it’s the other half of BAWL! It’s Big DAVE! What’s UP!!


Fans, don’t miss our next episode of Gar/Pax the Game, where you never know what Gar/Pax will say, and who they are talking about. Until Next time, this is Marcus Couch saying GOOD NIGHT and GO BULLS!


Bulls Roundtable – 1 thing that needs to improve from game 1


Marcus: The Bench. We need to revive “The Bench Mob” mentality. Just like the starters, the second unit needs TRYOUTS. Yeah, I want to see players earn their spot as a reserve, not just shoveled onto the floor like throwing dirt on an out of control forest fire trying to buy time before the starters catch their breath and go back in the game. Players like Portis need to step it up. Free Bobby Portis? How about Free up the starters for a while and do what we brought you here to do? Antonio Blakeney needs to be our instant offense. You made it to the big show, now let’s see some of that scoring in prime time. Felicio.. Don’t get me started there. He needs to bulk up and earn his spot or get thrown into the G-league as a permanent player. As Rawle and Lauri coined it in Arizona.. It’s time to breathe some #SavageLife into our lifeless Bulls bench.





Using http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine


Marcus Proposed Trade:

Bulls trade Robin Lopez to OKC for PG Dennis Schroder



In this trade, the Bulls can get some more playing time to distribute between Wendell Carter Jr, Portis and Felicio. Getting time for WCJ being the key part of this. In return the Bulls get a 24 year old 5 year NBA vet who’s used to a fast paced system in OKC. Last year he put up 19.4 points per game, 6.2 assists and 3 rebounds per game for the Thunder. Adding Schroder to the Bulls immediately raises the bar for the second unit with a point guard that can compliment, and possibly even compete with Kris Dunn for minutes.


By adding Lopez to OKC, the Thunder get a veteran inside guy that can possibly get OKC past their playoff hurdles in the West. Lopez would obviously be in the Thunder’s second unit, but playing off big Steven Adams. It’s a 1 year deal for OKC, who can either resign Robin for a vet minimum next year, or just use him for the year clearing up cap space to find another third alpha in free agency.


Wyse Proposed Trade:


Bulls swap Bobby Portis for Suns rookie Mikal Bridges


Big Dave’s Trade:

3-Way Trade with Detroit and Philly

Bulls Trade Cristiano Felicio (C) to Philadelphia 76ers

Detroit Trades Ish Smith (PG) to Chicago Bulls

Philadelphia trades Mike Muscala (PF) to Detroit



C-DUB Trade:

Bulls trade Cameron Payne (PG) to Dallas for J.J. Barea (PG)



That does it for our Trade Machine segment for this episode. Let us know what Chicago Bull YOU would trade and who you would trade for. Let us know @BULLSPODCAST! We’ll be right back to close it all out right after this..

Thanks to Big Dave and C-Dub for joining us today. We’ve had an amazing show with you guys today and I look forward to our conversation continuing soon as Wyse and I make our own guest appearance over at Bawl! On Bulls.

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