Bulls Podcast #61

It’s the Bulls Podcast #61 P.Will vs P.Wont? How about P.Might? Bulls/Nets Recap, Hornets Preview and an all new segment! 

Welcome to the Bulls Podcast, coming to you from BullsPodcast.com. This is where we bring you the latest news, reviews, rants, rumors and opinions on the players, coaches and front office of the Chicago Bulls. My name is Marcus Couch, and with me once again is my friend on the other end, Mr. Wyse Black.

We’ve got several topics for you this episode. Including:

  • P.Will vs P.Wont? How about P.Might?
  • Wyse Guys – Ayo and Zach
  • Bulls Previews vs Hornets

Patrick Williams. Is he P.Will or P.Won’t? Maybe P.Might?

Patrick Williams had his best game of the season, and it could not have come at a better time, vs the NJ Nets. To which head coach Billy Donovan basically said: AGAIN..

“With a guy being in his third year, it has to come from within. There was no dialogue by me about, ‘Hey, be aggressive.’ There was none of that. He was physical on defense. He got to the glass. He had some drives. He had some tough pull-ups. You felt him on both ends of the floor,” Donovan said. “Regardless of whether he scored or not, he deflected a couple passes. He got into some passing lanes.

“He has to make a decision that this is the kind of player that I want to be, that I know I can be. It’s not like we’re putting him in a box and saying, ‘Hey, your job is to play defense and pass the ball to people.’ He has to take advantage of his opportunities. And I thought (Tuesday) it came from within.”

Indeed, Williams played with noticeable aggressiveness and decisiveness. He drove the ball with force. He defended Kevin Durant with physicality, even if Durant, one of the world’s best scorers, still got his points.

In all, Tuesday marked yet another step in Williams’ progression from a slow start to the season. Beyond the points, he played with purpose.

Wyse Reaction: Is this real or false reality? Everyone said we overdrafted P.Will. They may still be right. 

Wyse Guys

OK we have a new segment that I am working a few things out on, but we have our beta version ready and it’s called  Wyse Guys, where Wyse picks his top hustle guys of the week.


OK Wyse, there certainly were a lot of hustle guys out there this week, I know it’s a tough decision, but who are your picks for this week’s Wyse Guys?


Let’s review our predictions for next few games for the coming week

Wyse is now +2 in the prediction column now. Marcus, or the Bulls need to step it up!

Fri Oct 28 – Bulls @ Spurs

Demar will hit is 20K points in his old stomping grounds of San Antonio, which is actually a nice story. Will he completely GO OFF? I hope he gets the record and then rests the remainder of the game with a huge lead. We need him the next game against the 76ers.

AND this was just announced pre-show.. Bulls list Zach LaVine questionable (left knee injury management) for Friday’s game in San Antonio, the front end of a back-to-back.

Marcus: W (Actual – L)

Wyse: W  (Actual – L)

P.Kidd: L

Sat Oct 29 – 76ers vs Bulls (In Chicago)

Zach, Demar, Vooch and the boys will have one of the biggest contender challenges of the year, coming off a back to back scenario. I look for Dragic and Drummond to be huge factors in the game. Zach will have had some smart rest the day before. 

Marcus: W (Actual L)

Wyse: L (+1)

P.Kidd: W (Actual L)

Tuesday Nov 1st – Bulls @ Nets

Marcus: L (Actual W)

Wyse: W (+2)

P.Kidd: L

Wednesday Nov 2nd – Hornets vs Bulls (in Chicago)

Update: Zach and Ayo WILL Play vs Hornets. Drummond and White are out.

Marcus: W (Actual W)

Wyse:W (Actual W)

P.Kidd: W (Actual W)

Friday Nov 4th Bulls @ Celtics

Marcus: W

Wyse: L

P.Kidd: W

Sunday Oct 6th

Bulls @ Toronto

Marcus: W

Wyse: L

Monday Oct 7th

Bulls vs Toronto in Chicago

Marcus: W

Wyse: W



MARCUS: And with that being said, let’s close this one out.

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Until next time, Thank you for listening everyone, Go Bulls!