Bulls Podcast #62

It’s the Bulls Podcast #62, and today we’re covering Dalen Terry to The G-League, Bulls Drop the new City Edition jerseys, P.Will vs P.Wont continues, our current State of the Bulls and Predictions for the coming week.

Welcome to the Bulls Podcast, coming to you from BullsPodcast.com. This is where we bring you the latest news, reviews, rants, rumors and opinions on the players, coaches and front office of the Chicago Bulls. My name is Marcus Couch, and with me once again is my friend on the other end, Mr. Wyse Black.

A couple of quick News items

First up, Bulls have announced that Dalen Terry is heading to the G-League to get some playing time. I think this is a great thing for the young Bull, as he will get to flex his stuff for a full game, getting him ready for later in the year as we approach the rough winter months of the season.

So far, Dalen has not had any meaningful game time with the Bulls. This season he’s only played 16 minutes in total and put up 4 points and 2 turnovers in that time.

Billy Donovan announced progress on Lonzo Ball and that he is running underwater. Personally, I can tell you that this isn’t a big step. I had my entire lower leg broken and had a rod put in. I was walking and running in the pool at the gym within 10 days, even though I wouldn’t walk at all without crutches. It’s a good sign, but certainly not a milestone in his recovery.


Patrick Williams. Is he P.Will or P.Won’t? Maybe P.Might?

I hate to keep getting on Patrick Williams case, but I am having a hard time understanding what the problem is. Though he is improving in certain areas of play, I feel like he really isn’t living up to “The Paw” nickname at all. We treat (and pay) him like he’s something special. I would beg to differ that he’s not much better than Javonte Green or Derrick Jones Jr. That’s a $5 Mil a year vet that we can sign 2 for 1 P.Will #4 Pick contract. 


I’m all for a P.Will trade at any point. He’s not worth the wait. We should have traded for Gobert and gave him up.


State of The Bulls: The Blame falls on Billy

I wish I could blame it all on P.Will, but the truth is, the coaching decisions in the 4th quarter have been very questionable. In OKC, Billy was infamous for not calling time outs when other teams were making deep scoring runs. The inbound plays have been sloppy and seemingly unplanned in terms of play calling.

In the 4th quarter, it seems like we are just clearing out for Demar to do iso ball and everyone else perches around the 3 point line waiting for Demar to get triple teamed and force the ball out, or just watch and wait for Demar to take a shot.

In close games, the Bulls have no clear heart to get ahead and finish opponents out in the closing 5 minutes in games. The Bulls have a dismal 0-5 record in the games that were decided by five points or less this season. That’s almost 40% of our games so far this season. 

That was quite obvious Wednesday night in a tight back-and-forth game against the Pelicans. With just over 5 minutes left to play and holding a four-point lead, the Bulls were on their way to coast to a win. But Billy’s choice to bench Patrick Williams was a big mistake.

P.Will was having a great defensive game, getting a block and 4 steals in 26 minutes. He did well on Brandon Ingram, holding him to 2 for 6 shooting. Once the game was in the waning moments, Billy put Caruso on B.I., giving up 6 for 8 shooting for 13 pivotal points doen the stretch.

Double teams on Derozan are starting to work, whereas last year we thought Demar was a magician. We need more movement on and off the ball and we’re just not seeing it.

Bulls fans can’t blame the 6-7 start only on Billy. That being said, out of the 5 close games, we should have won 4 of them. Our record should be 10-3, putting us #2 in the East behind the Bucks, with the same record as the NBA spotlight, Utah Jazz that everyone is talking about. That’s what kind of difference those close NBA games would be for us right now. If this keeps up, I really doubt we will make the playoffs. Lonzo Ball could return tonight and it wouldn’t matter with this 4th quarter coaching style.



Sunday November 13th

Bulls vs Nuggets in Chicago

Marcus: L

Wyse: W


Wednesday Nov 16th

Bulls @ Pelicans

Marcus: W

Wyse: W


Friday Nov 18th

Bulls vs Orlando Magic in Chicago

Marcus: L

Wyse: W


Monday Nov 21th

Bulls vs Boston Celtics in Chicago

Marcus: W



Wednesday Nov 23rd

Bulls @ Bucks

Marcus: L






MARCUS: And with that being said, let’s close this one out.


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